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Please join me in saying a prayer for Justin J. “Jud” Molisani, Jr.

He died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center shortly after 9AM on September 11, 2001.

Justin is survived by his wife of nearly ten years, Jodi, and their daughter, Morgan Lynn, along with his father, Justin J. Molisani, Sr. & stepmother Judy Ebery.

My tributes to Jud may be found here:

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In a Blink…

September 11, 2001 was a day I will never forget. The long distance phone calls in the morning – waiting to find out where my friends were. Hearing most of my friends were safe… finding out that a mentor was on American Airlines Flight 77 and hearing about her stoic calls to her husband from the plane… I was on the phone when the news came to us, the searing pain it caused her closest friends. The late night call from another friend at the Pentagon – knowing he was safe still means the world to me.

September 11th bonded us all together. People wonder why the Bush team is so tight, so fiercely loyal. At every level of government & every level of the political fabric George W. Bush created – we experienced the tragedies in a different way. For years, we all stewed in the trenches – put up yard signs, ran phone banks, door knocked, raised money… The achievements of No Child Left Behind, the first round of tax cuts… We were all so excited to see our work come into fruition. Finally, we had the White House back… Only to find the profound neglect & impotence of President Bill Clinton was a malignant cancer. Usama bin Laden rendered a painful blow.

Today, Americans mourn together. As it should be. I pray for us to remain united and set aside the partisanship for more than today… To go back to work on strengthening our nation.

—-Media Lizzy

On a personal note:
To the wonderful women that took me under their wings in early 2001, I must say thank you. I’ll never forget the battles over John Ashcroft & Miguel Estrada… even the Nags chanting beneath our windows. Thank you all for introducing me to a woman that while I knew her only briefly… was an inspiration. I’ll never forget Barbara Olson. She was the brightest light, especially at the Politically Incorrect event at the Caucus Room… and I’ll never see or wear a beautiful silk scarf without thinking of her, and all of you. All of you offered such kind words for the new girl that came over in a car from 18th & G on a Wednesday morning. You taught me about self reliance, self direction and that trust is all about faith. We weren’t quite the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but we came close!!!! Thank you all. For everything.

Barbara K. Olson Memorial Scholarship
Attn: Office of Development
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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