This year was different than previous observances of September 11th. Was it the conflagration of events, or the fatigue of fear? My day was spent making phone calls to friends, trading email with others, working while distracted… Though I confess I was thrilled to see Karen Hughes & Ari Fleischer all over the cable news circuit today. It’s tough to beat the original…(Don’t get me wrong – I am thrilled to pieces with Tony Snow)

I watched ABC’s Path to 9/11 both nights. I found the following Blog with a VERY precise analysis of the docudrama at the aptly named Another Rovian Conpiracy. The only addition I would make is this, if you have been watching the Discovery Times channel or the History channel since 9/11… then it’s likely you’ve seen a program depicting former JTTF Hero John O’Neill and his passion for his job. He was a man worthy of prayers and respect.

In a separate post I will address the two things I find most upsetting about the War on Terror. First, the blind, ignorant contempt of the Clinton Administration for Special Forces & Clandestine Operators. Second, their complete failure to recgonize we had but one true ally with the proximity & ability to assist us in capturing or killing Usama bin Laden, “UBL”. Ahmed Shah Massoud worked with America’s in-country (Afghanistan) resources to develop real-world, actionable opportunities to apprehend or kill Bin Laden… So many chances missed.

Massoud’s death on September 9, 2001 was the event that gave UBL the full protection & control of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The event signaled Mohammed Atta that it was indeed time to carry out his horrible, evil plan…

My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of 9/11 but also with our Special Forces, Clandestine operators and the people of Afghanistan who stood with us after The Lion of Panjshir, Ahmed Shah Massoud was brutally murdered by Al Qaeda operatives…

It is nearly September 12th… we must shake of the grief when dawn comes.

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