Well… finally, an old anti-War peacenik couple has the very best solution for ending the War in Iraq. A synchronized Global Orgasm on December 22nd. Apparently… this will change the “energy” of the world. I found the site while visiting a lovely blog by a gentleman in Italy.

The Global Orgasm sounded like a much better idea when I thought the Italians came up with it. Italian men might actually be able to make the earth shake and flutter on its axis. Goodness me… there are few things so delicious as a man who can cook, knows his wine – his couture, the accent and still has the rough hands… but I digress…

Global Orgasm is scheduled for the winter solstice. Why do peaceniks always assume they have some corner on the pagan holidays? They just aren’t serious. This isn’t going to give rebirth to the Make Love, Not War movement. Yuck. All those people looked unclean, frumpy and were high on drugs. There is nothing LESS attractive than a naked peacenik. These folks might scare the orgasms away for those relying on visual stimulation.

Somewhere my ancestors are rattling the armor at Drum Castle.

— Media Lizzy