Every time we share an intimate experience, a memory is created. In politics, there is a chance every one of those experiences may end up as fodder for opposition research, on the front page of the Washington Post – or both.

Sometimes such intimacy is well worth the risk. Worth the consequences. And occasionally, the bond between two people generates a lasting friendship that heals any wound between them. A completely transcendent intimate experience will linger… and after which… judgment of other partners is never quite the same.

We all move on, marry and have rewarding lives. Our career and children enrich the daily routines. But in the quiet moments… we remember a turning point in our own character’ s personal formation… during which an intimate experience laid the foundation for a personal connection that defies gravity.

Whether this experience is had on our youth… or in a moment of weakness between two people destined to live separate lives… such a memory is wonderful sustenance in the dark times we find ourselves in today.

— Media Lizzy