Happy 2007 everybody! Later today or tomorrow I’m going to pen a more appropriate entry on my thoughts and visions for 2007. Boy do I have a lot of them. :-p

This is old news, but I can’t help writing about it. By now, you’ve all heard about Pat Robertson and his prediction on “The 700 Club” about how this new year will mark some catastrophic disaster…possibly nuclear.

How does Pat know this? Because GOD told him so.

Does this mean I should call Pat Robertson “Noah”? …maybe Pat will build some sort of compound (21st century version version of the Ark?!?!?!) to protect all of his chosen flock (heterosexual, evangelical Christians with $$$ and little common sense).

Honestly, folks. If the Republican Party continues to take their legislative agenda and moral litmus-tests from this man’s playbook, we’re seriously SCREWED.