Hello all. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to get any postings up as late. Things have been pretty busy here at the beginning of the year, and quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling very inspired. The current national political scene still makes me want to vomit every day. It’s the end of January and I feel like the election is next week!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stay in better touch with my friends (versus pol colleagues or donors), and I’ve now heard of TWO sightings of former Florida Congressman Mark Foley here in Los Angeles. Mind you these are coming from two different people. So freaky!

One was Mark on the Santa Monica Pier, and was overheard shouting into a cell-phone about an upcoming reality TV show based on his life. That’s all we need! ANOTHER REALITY TV SHOW based on a royal creep! The other sighting was of Foley in West Hollywood at the Abby (ground zero for all things gay here in LA).

Granted, most West Hollywood (WeHo for short) homos pay more attention to the number attached to their waist size than the current number of Republicans and Dems in Congress, so he may not have been recognized by most. I do get my fair share of compliments when I go out, but if that nasty old man ever put his hand on my ass at a bar…not even going to DESCRIBE to you the tirade I’d throw.

Well…I guess rehab is over…