Because I don’t have much of a life these days and am single, I didn’t go out last night. Hence, I got up early this morning and went to yoga. I’ve been practicing now for about 7 months. I started initially to help mentally strengthen myself after ending a very serious romantic relationship (gay divorce hurts as much as straight divorce does), and have grown in so many ways since then in conjunction with my practice of the ancient art form.

Our teacher this morning discussed the topic of silence, and how silence can be even more powerful and demanding than sound and noise can ever be. I immediately thought about the story yesterday about Senator Barack Obama at the DNC Winter meeting and his decision to forgo any kind of “intro music”.

As public policy, political, media scribes, and concerned citizens, I think we all have the responsibility to let Americans have their silence. I’d certainly appreciate it. Wouldn’t it have been nice had the President given his State of the Union address…then the American people have 15 minutes of silence to think about everything he said? Same goes with the Demo response, or any major policy speech or address. There is such a rush in our culture to have a “24 hour news cycle”…to fill the void. Hell…the spin starts before the speaches even end!!! We don’t even give people the time or the opportunity to think before we have to “fill up the time”…or these days, their e-mail box…with the latest rushed analysis or opinion.

Maybe that makes me a bad consultant…or maybe that just makes me a yogi who would like 15 minutes to think for myself.

PS: Just to dispel the myth, yoga is about strength first and foremost. Flexibility comes later.