Happy Friday all. For many of you, this weekend will be very relaxing. In California, we will be starting our semi-annual (yes…that’s 2 times a year) state party convention.

In most states, the state party central committee is small and relegated to political insignificance. Not in California. Our state central committee has 1,500 members, and about the same number of associate members. This weekend, about 2,000 people will descent on the Hyatt Regency Sacramento for the biggest convention – the election of our principal officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, regional vice chairs, Secretary, etc).

The highlight of the weekend will be lunch on Saturday, where presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani will be giving the keynote address. It is suspected by many that he will announce his candidacy for the President at this lunch.

There is going to be a lot of drama at this election. Beyond Rudy, there are some contentious alterations to the state party platform/by-laws regarding presidential electors, and some other stupid stuff that only happens at these conventions. I’ll be live-blogging as much as I can to keep you updated. I know my fellow blogger Shawn Fago will be in attendance as well, so hopefully he’ll be able to log on and provide some insight.

There is a reason why they California Republican Party is looked down upon as hosting the biggest “circular firing-squad” in the nation. You’re gonna see it in all it’s glory.

So saddle up…hold on to your britches…it’s gonna be a long weekend.