I thought I would tell you all what I am up to at the moment, as life is very busy and hectic.

On May 3, we have local council elections, elections to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. For any political activist this is a very busy time. After work each evening I go out and canvass in different council wards and my weekends are spent delivering party literature door-to-door. I am also standing for election to Hull City Council, although I am what is known as a paper candidate. I do not stand a chance of winning, as I am running against the Leader of Hull City Council and he has a safe seat, but I am hoping to knock on doors in my area throughout the coming months and try and drum up some support for the Conservative Party.

If you look on my blog, you will see some video blogs I have made and you will see just why I am working all the hours that God sends. So please forgive me for my silence in the blogosphere. I will tell you all about the results and what has happened in more detail after May 3. We are going to do well. I can sense it.