If you work in politics long enough… the folks in Hell find you. Or you find yourself visiting them after an electoral defeat. My experience has been no different… and just in the last few days… one of my favorite men from below deck, Fredrick Schwartz, has tagged me with a rather interesting meme:


First thing, I would pray the rosary after I woke up from the shock.

Then I would run to my kitchen, uncork a bottle of Bordeaux and let it breathe while I asked Him a few questions… about the Sacred Feminine and the controversy surrounding Dan Brown’s books… then I would probably ask all the obvious questions about my late husband… my grandmother… and I would ask how He feels about Islamic Extremists purporting to work for the glorification of Allah.

Then I would pour the wine, hand him a glass and start the barbeque.

I would also want to know what He thinks about Americans who want to punk out & run away with regards to forced marriages, genital mutilation, rape, and the forced ignorance of girls and women globally – but in Islamic countries in particular.

I’d serve dinner and set out some ice cream to soften up a bit.

I’d like to know what He thinks of the contraceptive controls in China. I’d like to know if He thinks we should be boycotting the 2008 Beijing Olympics since China gets lots of oil from the Sudan.

I would thank Him. I’d serve dessert.

I would probably cry. Because if the Son of the Creator showed up on my doorstep… it would mean something tremendous had happened. And my daughter would see Him… and hopefully her father. All the questions would have simple answers because if He’s here – the bad stuff is over.

I would open another bottle of wine.

— Media Lizzy