Greetings… I’ll be incommunicado for a few days. When I return, long awaited news will be made public… the publishing house will make its debut… the book will be available online and in stores…

Yes, I know I promised to have the Fred Thompson profile up and running… but we’ll just have to wait. I’ll post a little tease from the book sometime soon instead.

To round things up:

1) I’ve watched a playback of the debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. To sum it up, the top 3 are still the top 3. Until Senator Thompson gets in the race. Frankly, I think he was the winner.

2) Queen Elizabeth II is lovely.

3) I honestly hope Nicolas Sarkozy wins his bid for PResident of France tomorrow… we could use an ally. It looks as if he will… and it’s wonderful news.

4) In case you did not know, I love Bibi Netanyahu and I am thrilled he’s called for new elections. For all the naysayers whowagged their little fingers at me when I criticized PM Ehud Olmert from DAY ONE…. Bite Me. I was right, you were wrong. Olmert will go down as the man who c ompromised Israel’s soverignty.

5) I am reading former DCI George Tenet’s book. The news coverage & reviews are missing the real story… but I’ll wait until I finish the book later this week to make a final assessment.

6) I will be endorsing a candidate in the GOP primary. Very soon.

7) If you missed Senator Fred Thompson’s speech before the Lincoln Club of Orange County, CA… you really missed a humdinger. It was the first time I could see what life might be like for Republicans post-W. I disagree he is anything like McCain, despite the WaPo’s assessment.(Text of speech can be found by clicking HERE)

Have a great week… I’m off to have a mint julep.

— Media Lizzy