Erick Erickson is right. I support the Republican Party. But it is time to get real, clean house, and move forward. We deserve better. America deserves better.


There have been some over these last few days who have objected to this war of mine. Some think it needed, but object to calling it a war. Some object to fighting it at all. But this is a war. And it is a just war. It is a war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. My party. Your party. The party that, had it not lost its way, would not now be having to defend our troops from a position of weakness against a Democrat majority intent on surrender in the War on Terror. This is a war worth fighting.

This war is not about Ken Calvert. The people of his district elected him and he has every right to represent them. He should not, however, be on the Appropriations Committee. Already on the Appropriations Committee — that committee which doles out taxpayer funds — Republicans have seen Duke Cunningham go to jail, John Doolittle resign because of a federal investigation, and Jerry Lewis most likely to soon be indicted. Calvert is just the most recent unfortunate example of why this war is necessary.

This war was not originally about the House Republican Steering Committee, though it has now come to that. They are now the targets. They are the leaders who continue to ignore the message the voters and their base sent them in November. The list includes J. Dennis Hastert , who presided over a House that defended William Jefferson when the FBI sought evidence of his bribery and corruption. It includes Jerry Lewis, who, it appears, will soon to be indicted for corruption. They are Don Young, who has fought for a bridge to nowhere, despite clear voter disgust. And it includes John Boehner , who, when placed in the minority by the voters, declared it not good enough to just deny plum positions to indicted congressman, but that they “should expect more from each other.” They have not practiced what they preached.

Praise be there are rational folks left in the party. Just because Calvert (Foley/Hastert/DeLay) is a part of the establishment, does not mean they are always right, or entitled. BOOT EM OUT.

— Media Lizzy