If you ever fall behind in your news & opinion reading, I recommend a stop at the Political Grind. And I don’t say that just cuz I am a member of the Political Grind Network, PGN. I read lots of straight (sort of) news today, and now I’m getting caught up on opinion…. it’s a real buffet over there today!

The Ron Paul Factor. For me, this guy seems pretty darn weird. One of the folks who attended the debate at the Reagan Library shared some observations of the Ron Paul supporters. 1) They freaked out about a jet leaving a vapor trail – one guy even declared they were being gassed by the pharmaceutical industry. 2) the ones who weren’t afraid of the jet, believe 9/11 was engineered by Cheney.

Look folks, if you’re a conspiracy theorist – please save us the trouble and vote Democrat. It’s too weird for the GOP. We’re the preppy kids you hated in High School. And we are still creeped out by you, even though most of us have grown out of the awkward teen phase. Rudy Giuliani definitely has baggage but he was right to jump on Ron Paul – even though it was not a fair fight.

In any case… I really enjoyed Nathan’s bit The Truth Shall Set the GOP Free – even though he defends Paul… it reminded me that Republicans are a completely different breed of politico than Conservatives.

Learning from the Left. If you want to laugh out loud – you’ve got to find writers with a rapier wit and an informed mind. Whenever I need a fix, I turn to 2 fellas of the Political Grind universe. The Indigent A-hole served up last week’s Number 1 pick at PGNThe Death of a Political Party. Great, great stuff. Yes, he’s cynical but this is politics, what do you expect??? The other man I turn to… is A Big Fat Slob. While I tend to disagree with him about President Bush, his recent column, The Failure No One is Talking About, is a candid and thoughtful analysis of what became the Bush Doctrine and how Democrat presidential contenders aren’t living up to his expectations.

What did I learn today? Normal partisans are few and far between once they achieve star status. Republicans need to file for a divorce from Conservatives. Democrats need to file for a divorce from Left-wing anti-war weirdos. And we all need to divorce ourselves from politicos-turned-narcissus.

For sheer pleasure…. there is one place for me to stop. UrbanConservative. Does it get better than a (former) Marine, who happens to be gorgeous, smart, and a Republican??? I don’t think so. And he understands: Why Liberals Hate Me!

— Media Lizzy