European rulers are becoming more conservative not less…. France’s new President Nicolas Sarkozy was sworn in (La campagne officielle du président de l’UMP.) … he’ll soon be joined by Tony Blair’s successor Gordon Brown. The men complete a transformation in Ruro-politics as The Washington Post’s foreign service noted in their piece, New Leadership Trio Could Put Europe Back on Political Map.

What’s really interesting: Sarkozy finds himself at odds with the Bush Administration already. And Sarkozy is the “conservative.” The Bush Administration supports Turkey’s bid to enter the European Union, Sarkozy politely – but firmly – disagrees. I’m with Sarkozy. Perhaps Turkey should have allowed US Troops to stage there pre-Iraq War. Turkey must choose. Western ideals, or militant Islam???

Do I wish former Présidente Jacques Chirac has been more supportive publicly of the US over the last few years? Certainly I do. Nevertheless, French Intelligence has been cooperative and forthcoming since 9/11. Sarkozy’s landslide win indicates the French are not pushovers, as many in the US “Conservative” movement portrayed. I was never a a fan of changing the menu in the US Capitol from “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries” – I always felt that was petty and reactionary at best. More likely, they are ignorant and arrogant.

The French have always understood the romance and promise of America. After all, it was France that sent us one of our most beloved icons, Lady Liberty.

Truthfully…I am unabashedly in love with France and her people… and her new Présidente Sarkozy… the wine, the music (since childhood I have love their Sparrow – Edith Piaf) – the haute couture… the architecture, the history.. the cathedrals and l’Opera… not to mention the wonderful places outside of Paris.

Some may sings the praises of Under the Tuscan Sun… for me, it’s more…Under the Provençal Sun. Non, je ne regrette rien

— Media Lizzy

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Photo credit: Le Monde (or in English)