Liberty University Founder, the Reverend Jerry Falwell passed away earlier this week. I did not grieve. Nor did a lot of other folks. We all have our reasons.

Conservative politicians from around the country are either sending condolences or attending the private services. (I believe they are being held Tuesday, not sure – I’m thousands of miles away and preoccupied with other, less hypocritical things. I make it a policy to only attend the weddings of people I actually care about, and the funerals of someone who I know would show up at mine.

I’ve got it on good authority that more than a few folks are rearranging some long scheduled events to attend the funeral. In coming days and weeks, Conservative leaders will pow-wow about the legacy of Falwell. Arguably, Falwell’s sway on Evangelicals had diminished but – it’s still worth wondering out loud where his followers go – especially in 2008. I only hope these folks remember how the pulpit politicos begging for campaign cash – like Ralph Reed who was given the smack down in his Lt. Gov. primary race last year – will remember they do not speak for all Republicans.

The far right is about as appealing to me as a visit to the streets of Ramadi or Kabul while naked. It isn’t what it used to be, ya know?

— Media Lizzy

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