Via The Politico:

Congress nears a deal on Iraq war funding which does not include a timeline for
withdrawing the troops. The proposal by Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) would
require President Bush and other key figures to submit progress reports in
order to guarantee economic aid to Iraq. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
(D-Nev.) says he opposes the deal, but says he will stand by a promise to
send the White House a proposal by Memorial Day.

It is about time Democrats realized you can’t cut war funding AND be for the troops. It simply is not possible.

Note to Hillary: Military folks remember that your husband cut military personnel by 15% – we remember that in 1995 the DoD didn’t buy a single tax – we remember that your hubby’s DoD budgets guaranteed that by 2005 – most Humvees would be older then the average age of soldiers driving them. And since you’re touting your time as “First Spouse” (cause you’re no Lady) as “experience” – it’s worth remembering the facts.

— Media Lizzy