UPDATED: Fred Thompson is Running!!!!

Fred Thompson is just dreamy. What differs is the brand – and he is just a different kind of dreamy. I met him once in early 2001 at a private event at the Caucus Room in DC. It was hard to outshine Terry McAuliffe’s charm that night… but Thompson was effortlessly charming, masculine, and downright magnetic. He is the guy who makes a great husband… the wild days are behind him but many wonderful nights and surprising afternoons are still to come… and his stunning wife is positively radiant when at his side. He’s more tangible than the fantasy figures many women seek out and are disappointed by.

Man’s man. A woman’s man. Experienced with all the knowledge and polish it takes to survive…but with that silken baritone voice – with a tinge of his Southern roots… his imposing height and clear state of fitness… the lovely wife perfectly confident at his side – and the two very young children… it’s almost too romantic, even for cynical political hacks…

The Dems have Hottie Obama. We’ve got Fred Dalton Thompson. Thank goodness… I’ll trust that if Jeri feels safe in those arms… we can feel safe with him at the wheel of our Republic.

The statement is not simplistic. The man a woman chooses to be her husband, and the father of her children… especially as a respected & successful woman, rather than a young impulsive girl… it’s the sort of gut-level commitment I believe in. It is a little like marrying a soldier/sailor/airman or Marine, knowing he’s going to war – and knowing he foresees an inevitable union with God… there is solace in such moments of compelling wisdom.

— Media Lizzy

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Photo Credit: Draft Fred Thompson