I would like Fred Thompson record the Audio version of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. What a divine companion his voice would make for long drives in the car, or quiet afternoons by the water… or on my iPod while sitting on the plane. His voice is perfection. Baritone. Steady, Deliberate. Passionate. His personal charisma is almost legendary… but critics call him lazy – never mind how the statement says more about the critic than it does about Thompson.

By the time he is sworn in as POTUS January 20, 2009 – I’ll be tired of the Iliad – and happy to have Thompson in my living room for more than the few minutes on old Law & Order episodes.

The pettiness has already begun. Thompson is drawing fire from the soft-handed elitists jealous of his effortless masculinity. Among women, jealousy is factored into almost every conversation. But with men, it is an entirely different animal. It goes beyond petty, personal insults. It is visceral, venal, and revolting.

Thompson’s success can be attributed to his charisma – but also to his hard work. It’s a bit like watching an Olympic athlete – he makes politics look sooooo easy. While others are scrapping and scraping for every little earmark and political crumb, Thompson steps in, does the work, and goes home. I’ve heard a few stories about how he invested only the “minimum” time necessary while he was at the Senate. It was supposed to be a negative – but all I could think was GOOD. I don’t want yet another politician so enamored with his power and his staff and his tax-payer-paid-for-this-office that he cannot function in the real world. (That model worked so well for Tom DeLay and the now-defeated GOP majority)

Let me address Thompson’s reputation for loving the ladies… When he had that reputation, he was SINGLE. And had been single for more than a DECADE. Unlike bed-hopping staffers and campaign workers, or bed-hopping Members of Congress, or stalkers like Mark Foley – Fred Thompson actually had a real life.

And he was not a grasping, insipid little twit. And he never married a cousin. And he doesn’t wear funny undies. He didn’t serve an ex-wife divorce papers while she was undergoing cancer treatment. Nor did he bail out on wife number one to marry wife number 2 – the heiress with an ability to fund political ambition. (I’m not talking John Kerry folks – John MCCain is the only GOPer with an heiress wife.)

Fred Thompson, simply put, is the sort of man other men envy and admire. Fred Thompson is the sort of man women flock too – because he fulfills the Rescue Fantasy. And for this Republican girl, I think Fred Thompson may be just the right man to rescue America from political defeatism. Fred Thompson is the one man Democrats and Republican hacks (that are already committed to another candidate) fear the most. Fred Thompson is steady as an oak, and as comforting as the arms of the one we love.

Some may criticize Thompson for marrying his wife, Jeri, more than 20 years his junior. This may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Fred Thompson, and his wife Jeri, are by all accounts deeply in love, committed to each other and their young family. For any woman who has worked in politics, the attraction to an older guy is less about a power fantasy and MORE about a total distaste for the consultant crowd who are notorious for cheating their wives as much as they cheat their client’s for extra cash on direct mail.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thompson are a beautiful family. He’s brilliant, charismatic and driven. She is an accomplished career woman, a mother, stunningly attractive, and married to a man who loves her. They deserve happiness. And if they become our nation’s First Family – it will be a hopeful sign that America is again ascendant. Critics of their marriage are too cynical by half and in need of a psychiatric treatment plan. The Thompsons are living the American Dream.

When it comes to issues… Thompson is as solid as monument granite. Think of Thompson versus any one else running – who do you want confront Islamic Extremists? A reactionary who caters to the emotional impulses of the moment, and prejudice? Or a man who speaks plain truth and holds America to her ideals of sovereignty and security?

Think of Thompson versus any one else – at a G8 summit where the politics of guilt and the degradation of America’s power – who is the most formidable individual? A man of Thompson’s stature and strength? Or an individual who shares the opinion of our enemies and detractors?

If China were to fire missiles into Taiwan, a county America is sworn to protect – who do you want laying our cards on the table? Thompson – or the wife of the last Democrat president that SOLD China the technology it now uses to taunt American & Taiwanese security?

When the day arrives that American troops pull back to the borders of Iraq, or out completely – and a genocide commences – who do you want at the helm of our nation? Thompson, or a person who still carries the scars of Viet Nam in every breath?

I am supporting Thompson because I do not confuse his critics perception of a “laid back approach” with a man who is thoughtful, and not eager for attention. Men like Fred Thompson are unique and only come along once in a lifetime. He is the sort of man who puts America first, without regard for the domestic political machinations that are in control of so many other politicos.

Fred Thompson has my vote because he inspires confidence. When he speaks, I can see around that next corner. And America has never looked so good.

—Media Lizzy


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