Yeehaw! Liz Sidoti of AP filed the story… Thompson has filed the official papers…. And while Mary Matalin is likely to join the team, I’ve had more than few chats with folks inside the Beltway – and in Nashville… she is not the only powerful consultant, neither is Tim Griffin. Fred Thompson is talking to a retinue of highly pedigreed, well respected professionals about his certain bid for the Presidency.

Forget the Pioneers. It’s time for the Thompson “Founders” to raise resources. Who does this late 2nd Quarter entry hurt the most? John MCCain, whose anemic fundraising is likely to suffer. Giuliani will almost certainly need to outperform his 1st Quarter totals to appear viable. And since Romney can write himself a check – no one really cares. One word of caution to Team Romney: the word “elitist” is about to be a BIG PROBLEM.

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