If Fred Thompson’s stance on the issues, and his clear ability to communicate, resonates with voters and donors as deeply as his voice resonates through the fourth wall…. Thompson may well step into the role of 21st Century King Arthur.

America needs an iconic leader, separated from the petty political fray that has dominated the last 15 years. And not in the classic “outsider” role. Someone more responsible, more concerned with America as a whole – and less driven by the whims of paranoid consultants and needy media types.

I have referred to the need for a return to Camelot, a la JFK & Jackie Kennedy… but perhaps it is more a need for America and Americans to be reminded of our special providence as a nation.

Thompson is stepping onto the stage for his most challenging role ever. I prefer the seriousness of a Thompson candidacy to the triviality of other American Idol-esque candidates. While Obama may please the three judges at the table… it is the Knights (our military) whose judgment and confidence we must restore. They are the tip of the sword… and I want our next President to be worthy of holding Excalibur.

— Media Lizzy