Ahhh… The Republican Party of Virginia, ever conscious of the Commonwealth’s status as the “Mother of Presidents” – hosted Tennessee’s favorite son, Fred Thompson on Saturday evening. (June 2, 2007)

Fred Thompson was charming. He was direct. He understands America needs to know what lies ahead for us, what happens after Iraq. When Thompson speaks… it is more than reassuring. He communicates with an unrehearsed authenticity, and conviction. He worked the the room, moving from table to table. Behind the scenes – he really wowed the establishment folks in Virginia’s Republican leadership – and by leadership, I mean the folks who ACTUALLY get the work done for our party.

Despite George Allen’s defeat last November, he still commands a very faithful following. If Allen had won reelection to his seat in the US Senate – Allen would have been the leading candidate. What the 2008 Republican field lacked was a candidate who absorbed the Allen (and Frist) constituency. With Thompson’s entrance into the race… those folks have a home.

His name is Fred Thompson. And before long, he’ll be the odds-on favorite. And then, he will be President. Thompson has one more not-so-secret weapon: his wife Jeri.

— Media Lizzy


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Photo credit: AP/Steve Helber