Cross posted at Red Carpets… Jeri Kehn Thompson: Fred’s Secret Weapon

Accomplished career woman. Respected Republican Communications Pro. Chose to establish herself, obtain professional & financial security BEFORE she married. BEFORE she began her family.

Critics pondering why she married a man so many years her senior are petty, jealous, and cynical. Perhaps, she tired of dating men who saw her as competition rather than as a great woman. Inside the Beltway, consultants tend to be king – and they are cut throat. Women who don’t sleep their way to the top AND are competent AND are well respected, tend to be targets of petty jealousy and internecine warfare. That Jeri Kehn Thompson found a man who accepted her for who she is – and had no reason to be threatened by her – should be commended, not attacked.

Trust me…. being the beautiful smart girl isn’t a cakewalk. Jeri fell in love, and married her soul mate. They have two beautiful children. She is exactly the sort of example a 21st Century First Lady should be. All the “haters” inside (and outside) the Beltway best be careful… Politics is like High School. When the star quarterback and the cheerleader captain get together… all their popular friends rally around. And all the ugly misfits are left in the proverbial dust.

— Media Lizzy