Since it’s Monday and I’m sure we could all use a good laugh, read this report from a CBS affiliate here about a proposal from an Air Force Lab in Ohio that sought to develop a “gay bomb” as part of a military project seeking to create non-lethal weapons.

Evidently, the plan was to develop certain chemicals with aphrodisiac-tic qualities that would distract the enemy combatants from focusing on their tasks and heighten arousal to the point that their newly irresistible sexual attraction to each other would break down the unit cohesion.

I believe the Pentagon probably dismissed this one pretty fast, but the fact that this proposal was even considered makes me wonder what the hell our military is dumping their R&D money into.

Then again, this project was floated in 1994 during Bill Clinton’s term, so I shouldn’t be surprised that anybody was preoccupied with sex. He certainly was. :-p