Earlier this year, I joined a small working group to establish a boutique literary house, TMK Books. Our website is currently under development. I’ve been busy working to attract new authors, have been deep in publishing industry research, and am thoroughly excited. Why should all these brilliant thinkers and authors wait in line for their “turn” when they should be thrust to the front of the line!!!! We will cover non-fiction, fiction – no science fiction – and I have my eye on a couple of photographers for luxury coffee table books geared with politics and history in mind…

In the coming days & weeks, I will post LOTS more details – but the best news – our first title Sex, Lies & Politricks is available at Amazon.com and at Borders Books websites… The soft cover is up, the hard cover version will be available in a few days. I’m working with lots of privately owned bookstores as well.

If you would like to refer an author, or bookseller to me, just send me an email: eliz@medializzy.com. Submission requirements for unpublished authors will adhere to industry standards… via email, please include a 3 page synopsis… and if it interests us – we will ask for more. We prefer to work with author’s who are represented by accredited Literary Agents but, with a referral from a credible source – I’m willing to make the occasional exception.

— Media Lizzy