Last week, The National Right to Life folks hosted their annual conference… and were provided the following video message from Fred Thompson. Unlike other Republican candidates, Thompson does not use red-meat language. Nor does he immediately associate himself as a messianic figure for the so-called Conservative movement. Thompson introduces us (too briefly) to his lovely & accomplished wife Jeri, and their two young children. The most compelling argument for Fred Thompson’s candidacy is its simplicity.

By simplicity, I mean – the Thompson candidacy is a natural fit. There is no obstacle to surmount. For McCain – it is the conservative base AND Bushies who will never forget South Carolina 2000…. For Mitt Romney, it’s that despite his cash, he is still running FOURTH in the polls. For Rudy Giuliani, it’s that he didn’t give firefighters the equipment they needed on 9/11 AND his personal life is filled with errors in judgement. For the second tier candidates, it is getting noticed – raising real money – finding consultants that believe in the candidate enough to work for free…..

Thompson eases into the top tier not because of issues but because he appears to have presidential bearing. He is solid on issues that matter to Security Moms, Soccer Moms, Fiscal Conservatives, & Social (evangelical) Conservatives alike. His beliefs are his own. He never sounds like a guy who panders, or speaks simply for political expediency.

Thompson’s authenticity, his natural ability to be a man’s man – and a woman’s man – without appearing too eager… is an enviable asset. Which is exactly why I endorsed him.

— Media Lizzy