Well…. The Media Lizzy Show was super fun yesterday. I dished on the “Sexy Factor” in 2008. Fred Thompson still wins that battle. On the Democrat side, it’s probably a toss up. I personally think Joe Biden is delicious – but Barack Obama is certainly the Dems pick, with that “Second Coming of RFK” atmosphere around him. Next week, I’ll have the über-smart Matt Margolis around to discuss his book Caucus of Corruption. I’ll also spend some time discussing a controversial topic: Islamixc Extremists ARE the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ooo-rah!

BOOK NEWS: At Amazon.com – the SEARCH INSIDE feature is up and running… if you are looking for a little tease before you buy it – and bring me home for my place on your nightstand, or in your office…. (you know you want to) Not to mention… with Congress getting ready for the Fourth of July recess…. you’ll be lonely for all that political coverage. And… if you need to warm up, with pleasure or rage – my book is your ticket. Especially when it comes to ground game realities for the 2008 campaign.

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