I love Nashville in the Summertime… I don’t know if it’s all the heat, or the steam from the spa-like humidity… or the Red State politics… but, one thing is for sure: there are a lot of people “With Fred.”

Earlier this week on The Media Lizzy Show, I spent a lot of time discussing under the radar “buzz.” Early on, Rudy Giuliani had the mojo – folks were excited, everyone was trying to figure out how to get on the Rudy train. None of the other candidates on the Republican side – until Fred Thompson – have been able to get in front of Rudy Giuliani. John McCain, the candidate formerly known as viable, has gone from first to fourth… and things aren’t getting any better. His campaign organization is bureaucratic, top heavy, and the victim of poor fiscal management. No candidate in fourth place needs that many consultants – all used to getting at least 10K per month. (Some are accustomed to MUCH higher retainers)

As the second quarter comes to a close… only Fred Thompson has the magic mojo for Republicans. He’ll be in South Carolina today – and all indicators point to a warm reception. Yes, of course we should be focusing in on the issues. And, yes I realize Mitt Romney will have the most cash – but the USA isn’t some errant child who needs a sugar-daddy to pay-off all our debts. We need someone with a little more depth. A little grit.

The drive-by voters – that one percent in the center – are too damn busy with their own lives to care about much. In 2004, women outvoted men by 10 million votes. These women aren’t barefoot and pregnant anymore. Most women under 45 are more likely to identify with Jeri Kehn Thompson than they are Hillary Clinton. Jeri Kehn Thompson married her man when he was ready to be married, ready to love her and honor her as an equal.

Hillary and Bill have never effectively convinced the American electorate that their marriage is about anything other than blind power-lust. Our society is still traditional enough that we forgave them that – as long as BILL was the one at the wheel of the Republic. No one trusts a scorned woman.

Especially not younger women who are more likely to be wife number two. Or the wife that lasts. Rather than the woman who gave up her life in exchange for her husband’s success – and then discovered at 60… it was time for a change. Hillary’s problem is that she seems common. Not Presidential. Bill will always be more charming, more gifted… and I can’t imagine he thinks Hillary should have the same titles and privileges he has worked so hard for.

Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. But it is better to marry a man who loves you and respects you, even with a little May-December action…. than marry a man of the same age who sees you as competition. Joe Scarborugh’s attack on Jeri Kehn Thompson – and on Fred Thompson because he’s “no Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid” perfectly demonstrates why political life is different than regular folks.

I’m with Fred.

—Media Lizzy

Here’s some news on Fred… I haven’t read the Edsall piece at the Huffington Post yet – there’s a good chance I’ll disagree…but Tom Edsall is one of my favorite reporters. Ever.

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Here are two stories that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They come from the Palmetto Scoop – which is to SC politics what TMZ.com is for Hollywood. I love these guys!!!

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