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Here’s the political IEDs I will be tossing out today…. Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Ouch! — The Circle Je… um I mean circular firing squad that has become the Republican Party… we’ll look to California for rumblings. A couple of great articles lay it out. Ralph Hallow of the Washington Times notes, astutely, that the Right Seeks Next Wave of Leaders and Scott Schmidt – the Boi from Troi penned a truly insightful piece (insight into the Evangelical, Conservative movement) at Spot-On, Stand In A Circle and Shoot.

And I will tease you a little… the first 10 folks – who have a copy of Sex, Lies & Politricks– that correctly identify the column that starts on page 54 AND can tell me why the presidential campaign is like playing dodgeball. (Answers are in the book!!!) Winners will receive festive Sex, Lies & Politricks prize packages!

Finally… next week, The Media Lizzy Show will discuss the two biggest threats America faces. The Caucus of Corruption – a spectacular look inside the Democrats running our Congress – with Author Matt Margolis. He is exactly the sort of fella Republicans NEED TO LEAD. And I’ll go in depth on why I believe that Islamic Extremists are the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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