A couple of thoughts before I run out the door for my lovely weekend… Many times I have written of my love for Christopher Hitchens (perhaps because I love to whisper the word Christopher. No reason, I just love the word) and Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz… and I have written more recently about Fred and Jeri (Kehn) Thompson’s romance…

I believe the following two clips encapsulate two key reasons. The first, shows Al Pacino with Gabrielle whatsername in the iconic Scent of a Woman tango scene. Sometimes, the dance between an older man and a younger woman is innocent, but instructive. There is a untempered wholeness of being a woman in the embrace of such a man. Also, and more importantly, Pacino demonstrates the solid confidence – he is able to appreciate the fullness of a woman without the fumbling urgency of a young man. Many younger men mistake urgency for passion… and because so many do not know the difference… ladies are driven to the capable arms of older lovers.

The second clip, from Moulin Rouge, enumerates the bridge between the urgency and passion inherent in relationships with younger men. The path is often filled with jealousy and selfishness, judging a Lady by the same standards they utilized in previous encounters with eager receptacles disguised as a woman. However poignant, or beautiful some moments are…. they are seldom enough to hold the attention and spirit of a Lady. A Lady will not be captured, nor enslaved.

— Media Lizzy