Where Smart is Bringing Sexy Back… on Today’s “Political Quickie” there will be a special acknowledgement of, and a surprising perspective with regard to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the news of a long affair with Telemundo Reporter Mirthala Salinas, and the pending divorce from scorned, and suffering (insert sarcastic remark here) wife Corina Raigosa. The lingering question is… how long until he drops her half of his hybrid last name. (For those unaware – he began his career as Tony Villar – adding Corina’s last name to him as a tribute to their LOVE. Thus, Villaraigosa.)

What is it with California politicians??? Affairs, scandals & elections! Oh my!!!

Join me at Noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern today — I’ll wrap up breaking news, take a look at the 2008 presidential race, and tease next Monday’s show, Decoding Campaign Speak, on BlogTalkRadio!

Later today, I’ll post a fresh column – and entice my regular readers into a little tango with yours truly…

— Media Lizzy