Perhaps it is my feminine predisposition… perhaps it is my Republican (not “conservative”) soul… or maybe, it is my unabashed respect for the Alpha-male – especially in the role of world leader – but the addition of Pete Domenici to the small chorus of “Republican” US Senators screeching an anti-War message, strikes me as disloyal and self-serving in the extreme. He is so far from being an Alpha-male, he’s reached Political Pluto. (a little known hideaway office in the US Capitol where Senators trade their self-respect in return for a nod & wink that eliminates a federal subpoena)

Let’s toss in a few more characterizations: Hollow. Expedient. Shallow. Scared. Unworthy. This lot of “Republicans” – (Domenici, Lugar, Voinovich, G. Smith, etc) are the same people who begged, literally, for President George Walker Bush to headline their fundraisers… these same Senators (and their official staff, campaign staff, and all their little hangers-on back in the district) begged for presidential events in their district… begged the White House Office of Political Affairs for “just a few more tickets” – “just a few more greeters on the tarmac” – “just a few minutes of the President’s time” — What a bunch of superficial, sunny-day-only-friends and followers. Domenici has joined a legion of Hypocrites. Don’t get me wrong, this is a time honored tradition in Washington. That doesn’t make it acceptable.

This Domenici flap reminds me of the question every concerned mother asks her teenager, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would that be okay too? Would you follow them?”

Domenici has reaped so many political benefits in the last few years… the mind reels. Stand by for my cynicism: Isn’t Domenici under fire for making a few pushy phone calls related to the firing of US Attorney David Iglesias??? Are we actually supposed to believe that Domenici, who has the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab in his district – and several military bases – is now anti-War??? What do all those DoD personnel have to say about that? How about all those Defense Contractors? Senator Domenici can not honestly believe that Bush Loyalists will see his new found position on the Iraq War as anything other than pandering to his Democrat colleagues in the United States Senate. Given that the US House Judiciary Committee is issuing subpoenas left and right… maybe Domenici is willing to horse trade.

At the end of the day, I recognize that George Walker Bush is not running for office. I am not naive. What I am saying – is that Domenici’s new stance is not loyal, not honorable, and not grounded in some deeply held belief. It sounds a little like a prison-conversion where angels visit cells, eager for converts.

Stand by for more and more dishonor… as aides leave the White House, and as Members edge closer to November 2008 – they will stamp on the man who gave them their jobs. Case in point: Richard Armitage. Or, perhaps more interestingly (since he served at W’s side for 14 years and outlasted even Karen Hughes. Dan Bartlett. Bartlett has been interviewed by GQ (you know, the place where Armitage trashed the POTUS) and word has it that he points a lot of fingers and never takes an ounce of responsibility for the failed communications strategy HE was responsible for creating and implementing. The President has a day job, and therefore – isn’t able to manage communications for the rest of the GOP.

Perhaps if his “aides” and “friends” like Pete Domenici behaved more like “loyalists” – the US Congress would not continue to lose support with the American people. Perhaps if they were more concerned with what is BEST for the NATION, rather than their own electoral interests times would not be so tough. Perhaps if the staff was more concerned with upholding the Constitutional Oath they took – they would be doing the job at hand, serve the man who hired them – rather than making secret phone calls to consulting firms and future clients… the Communications Strategy as presented to the American People would be a winner, instead of Dead on Arrival. They always sound out of sync with the Commander in Chief. And they are supposed to be his big dogs, bringing it home every day.

Furthermore… why won’t Attorney General Al Gonzales resign? Why won’t Secretary of State Condi Rice step down? (We all know she’s outlasted Rummy, she won. GO HOME.) All of these people, who are all too eager to espouse their “close friendship” with the President – all appear to have been bitten by the Beltway Bug. First, it stings a little. Then comes the disorientation – you forget who your friends are, sacrifice your principles, turn your back on the people who gave you a career, and then comes the ITCH. The ITCH is when things go ugly – it becomes the political equivalent of the Ebola Virus.

One more thing on SecState Condi Rice. If everyone agrees, as they seem to, that the problem with Iraq is that we need a POLITICAL SOLUTION rather than a military solution…. why does it even matter what General Petraeus says? If it’s a political solution – that is the job of the STATE DEPARTMENT. I wish she would stop marching around in her Prada boots, and stop flirting with her foreign colleagues, it turns back the clock and demeans women.

I miss my President. I miss George Walker Bush. His confidence, the bravado – the certainty in Right and Wrong… the knowing smile (or smirk for those who are haters) and his little boy laugh… I miss his hands – undisturbed at the wheel of our Republic. I miss the man who marched to the cameras as the twin towers burned, the Pentagon smoldered and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania became a crater surrounded by miles upon miles of fragmented airliner… He made us feel safe – even in the face of Terror.

President Bush understands the whole picture. Do I wish he would fire folks more often? Yes. Or I wish that the tug-of-war between different factions had not become so public. It’s tacky.

Terrorism is here to stay. Pete Domenici (and allll the other newly anti-War Senators) should trust the American people a little more. He should trust his constituents, give them a little more credit. When a leader stands up for what is right, what is true – it is inspiring. The American people deserve the best from their leaders. They must be inspired by their leadership to remember that We Are The People. There is no governmental solution for alllllll the problems in the world. We do not live in a perfect world. We do not live in Utopia. We do not even live in a Welfare State.

We live in the United States of America. We are the luckiest people on the face of the earth. All this domestic political nonsense must stop. The real issue is how to fight Islamic Extremism – where ever it threatens us, or our Allies.

France’s Nicolas Sarkozy steps ever farther into my political heart. The next President will need him.

— Media Lizzy

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