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Last week, mega-GOP polling firm, formerly made up of Tony Fabrizio & John McLaughlin released the results of a major update from a 1997 study to determine changes in the Party’s trends over the past 10 years including core beliefs, key issues, and an overall picture of the Party. You can link to PDF Powerpoint presentation from the firm on the results of the 2007 study here.

I’ll be the first person to say that it’s sponsors are definitely in the “mod squad”…Republican Leadership Council (Christie Todd Whitman’s gang)….Republican Mainstreet Partnership…Log Cabin Republicans…Republican Majority for Choice. But the pollsters (Fabrizio & McLaughlin, aka: FabMac) are some of the best GOP guys around…so I’ll defer on the side of experience and expertise that the firm has solidly demonstrated over the years.

The PDF of the Powerpoint is 87 pages long…but it’s the most fascinating presentation out there right now…make it your weekend read.

I’m in Washington DC ’till Monday…but will continue to try to get out some posts.

Have a great weekend!