The Media Lizzy Show: 2008 Politricks

Greetings folks….. The Media Lizzy Show will stream LIVE on Monday, July 9th at Noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern on BlogTalkRadio. Join me for the first in a series of pretty controversial topics… cleaning our own political houses. Republicans & Conservatives need to work out who is in charge. Democrats & Anti-War Liberals need to figure out who is in charge of their party apparatus too.

This show will be a part of that whole “political IED” thing that my editor says I am responsible for tossing out. Basically, if you identify yourself as a “Conservative” first – should you even BE a Republican? Or should you move to the UK and get citizenship, then vote there – where “Conservative” is a party??? Is the same thing true for the “Liberals”? Have domestic politics become so poisoned that the “Party” is all but over?

Join me by calling in and giving me your best zingers and most intriguing questions. I’ll review the Sunday shows… (yes, I watch them all) I’ll dish on the 2008 race, the fact that Fred Thompson appears to be the only Republican that can beat Hillary Clinton – and he’s not even in the race yet – and we’ll look at campaign money, staff and a shift in the electoral tides.

Listen in on Monday – Where Smart is Bringing Sexy Back.

— Media Lizzy

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