Former US Senator Fred Thompson is more than a formidable candidate. A solid Republican voting record, a passion for the rule of law, strong willed when it comes to fighting for Right over wrong, and a penchant for ridding government of waste, fraud, and corruption – where ever it may be. Then there’s the 6 foot 5 frame, his baritone voice, and Alpha male persona that seems effortless.

But presidential elections are often about the “whole package.” The Thompson candidacy offers something more hopeful. His wife, Jeri Kehn Thompson, is an accomplished lawyer and Republican operative. She has lived her life responsibly – putting career and financial security and sense of self on the top of her to-do list, long before she married the Senator. What I admire is that she is the sort of woman young ladies and their mothers can admire and discuss. Mrs. Thompson has proven that if you are willing to take life in turn, you can indeed have it all.

As a fellow Gen Xer, and as a mother, I am thrilled for her example…. it is a welcome alternative to the women so prevalent in pop culture. Our television and movie choices are curtailed significantly by the narrow options provided – from Desperate Housewives (which I can not bear to watch) to the escapades of Generation Y females like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan…. the arrival of a woman worth admiring is significant.

Certainly, many women are too busy with their own lives to pay attention to the development of their tween & teen daughters. I have watched many of my peers place their own orgasm ahead of their relationship with their children. It is revolting. Once you have children, you have an obligation to place their lives ahead of your own. Certainly, personal happiness and success are all a part of setting the right tone for our kids – but balance must be achieved.

Politically speaking, Jeri Kehn Thompson may well prove to be the secret weapon in Fred Thompson’s arsenal. Generation X women are all of voting age. We are engaged in the process. Frankly, we see Baby Boomers as the problem – not the solution.

Baby Boomers have done such a “great job”in the last 40 years. Thanks for the post-Vietnam era. Thanks for Watergate. Thanks for ABSCAM. Thanks for the drugs. Thanks for undermining the Honor of our nation’s military. Thanks for trying to teach a whole generation of women to hate men….Thanks for making despair, fear, and shame a part of the national discourse. Thanks for hating our nation.

I simply can not be sarcastic ENOUGH when it comes to Baby Boomers – and those trapped in the Left Wing of the Democrat Party.

Americans – men and women – want to feel good about the USA. Being an American is an honor. We are the most fortunate people on the face of this earth. Fred Thompson has a unique role – he has been fighting corruption throughout his career. His marriage to Jeri Thompson signals something to Gen X. It means that he “gets” us. We grew up watching Dynasty, and Dallas, and we all remember when Video Killed the Radio Star – the day MTV was born. We remember the Berlin Wall falling, we remember the Soviet Union crumbling. We remember the first Shuttle – and we remember the Challenger. We are hopeful… and more like the Greatest Generation than that of our parents.

Fred and Jeri Thompson are more like US. They have young children. It is a story we relate to.. many of us have families of our own. And we still believe in the American Dream. We are not so cynical as the Baby Boomers. By starting a new life – Fred Thompson demonstrates in the most authentic way possible – that he understands what out country needs.

We need a leader with some hope. A President who sees what comes next. A leader who understands that preserving our way of life is very serious business. Generation X will soon be at the wheel of our Republic. We are almost there now – we have members of Congress, a Governor of Missouri. The death of the Old World is giving birth to one where Gen Xers – the “Me” generation – are edging closer to power. This may be the source of rage we hear from Hillary, and Tancredo, and others. The sheer range of folks attacking Thompson (and his wife) illuminates perfectly why Thompson is the man for Gen X. He is the one they fear – because he will build the bridge for Generation X to walk across. Baby Boomers politicians are the worst of the worst right now – and Thompson sees them for that inherent truth. They are angry that they may never get their chance to rule. Such lust for power should never be rewarded.

Generation X will someday steer our nation’s path through history. As much as I have invoked Camelot in previous columns about the Thompsons, I think it may be the wrong example. Perhaps we are headed to Avalon… or perhaps a President Thompson, along with his First Lady Jeri Kehn Thompson and their two young children, will remind us that fairy tales are just a mirage – and America is real.

— Media Lizzy

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