On July 1st, Lizzy ousted me as a supporter of the Giuliani campaign by posting a video where I can be seen with campaign staff advancing a brief campaign stop. Not that I mind. I am a proud supporter of Mayor Giuliani. My only problem now is that when I write something critical about one of the good Mayors opponents, I am afraid it may be discounted. So, today I am going to write a few nice things about all of our boys who are vying to be top dog (well, not exactly all).

We have a fantastic field of candidates. I hear Republicans complaining all the time about how dissatisfied they are with the GOP field. I suppose we do expect a lot out of our candidates unlike the Dems who only want someone who will make them feel warm and fuzzy. But seriously folks, give our boys some credit…

Rudy: Was arguably the greatest Prosecutor this country has ever seen. Giuliani served as Ronald Reagan’s Associate Attorney General (the third highest position in the Justice Dept.) and as a US Attorney. Giuliani has prosecuted corrupt politicians, corrupt Wall Street figures (such as Michael Milken) and broke up the Mafia by taking down the heads of New York’s infamous “Five Families”. As Mayor of New York (The 5th largest economy in the country, even larger than the State of Mass) Giuliani established records of achievement that are simply unmatched by any politician anywhere (please educate yourself on the actual records of the candidates). And of course, Giuliani is the only candidate who served with distinction in a true crisis. Leadership is a quality that you must have in order to be President. Leadership in a crisis situation however is something that is very rarely demonstrated. We have a unique opportunity to elect a man who is tried and true under the most difficult of circumstances.

Mitt: Has incredible business credentials. Romney’s success and experience in business is no less than stunningly impressive. His management of the Winter Olympics is also an amazing feat, especially after you look below the surface a bit. The Winter Games were setting up to be a complete and total disaster until Romney was sent in to straighten the whole mess out. Romney is a leader and knows how to get things done. Romney pulled off one of the most profitable, safest and all around best Olympic Games in recent memory and did it all in a very short period of time.

John: Is a true Patriot. McCain has arguably sacrificed more for his country in a time of war and lived to tell about it than anyone else in American history. We all know the stories about McCain in the Hanoi Hilton (if you don’t, then please don’t vote). But do you know that McCain was in two other major incidents while serving his country as a Navy Pilot? McCain was downed in his plane in the ocean and nearly drowned. Shortly after, McCain was sent to Vietnam where his aircraft was hit by an accidentally fired rocket while aboard the aircraft carrier Forrestal. His aircraft was fully loaded with fuel and munitions while on deck waiting to launch when his plane literally exploded. 132 sailors died in this terrible accident. McCain recovered from his injuries and was being sent home when he demanded to be returned to Vietnem where he was shot down and spent the next 5 and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton where he learned the true definition of torture. John Kerry needs only to look towards McCain to see what earning a Purple Heart is supposed to mean.

Fred: Most people assume that Thompson was an actor turned politician like Schwarzenegger. No where near true. Thompson was serving his country inside the Beltway before Schwarzenegger could speak English. Thompson is one of a few people who was directly responsible for bringing down a corrupt President, a President of his own Party mind you. Thompson is guided by his core values and will not be swayed by political pressure or outside influences. Consider that Thompson was a respected Republican and Federal prosecutor when he asks the now famous question “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” This question and the release of the Watergate Tapes (also Thompson) directly led to the downfall of Nixon. After the Nixon trials, Thompson served as an attorney, a lobbyist and oh yah lets not forget his distinguished service as a US Senator.

We need to be proud of all of our Republican candidates. You don’t have to like all of our guys but they all deserve your respect. Our front runners are four men who have done a lot for this country. Without any one of these gentlemen, the history of the United States would be lacking in some pretty incredible leadership. Without any one of these four men our country would not be the same. You can’t say that about the Democrat front runners. Let’s face it… would Hillary have been elected as a US Senator if she was not married to Slick Willie? Has Barack even made it half way through his first term yet? Has John Edwards ever taken a tough stance on anything without changing his mind? The GOP candidates are strong, the Dems are weak. Can’t we as a Party at least acknowledge that? Don’t demonize our candidates, just pick your favorite and acknowledge the strengths of their fellow Republicans.

-Shawn Fago