Sorry you all haven’t heard from me for quite a while. As you can see, I am still alive and kicking, although I have been very busy over the last two months. Like you in the US, we have been experiencing some very wet weather and as a result, two weeks ago I was flooded. I have been told I will not be able to get back in to my house for around three to four months. I am well though. I have not been injured and all of my stuff that has suffered water damage can be replaced.

So, on to politics. As I am sure you are all very well aware of, we have a new prime minister in the UK. Gordon Brown was unopposed in the election as the new Labour Party Leader and therefore had an easy ride. How we manage to get a new PM without elections is an anomaly in the British electoral system and has happened before. John Major became PM as a result of Margaret Thatcher being forced out by the Conservative Party and James Callaghan became PM after the resignation of Harold Wilson.

Mr Brown has started as he means to go on and all government departments, apart from the Ministry of Defence, have new Secretaries of State. I haven’t seen any polls so far – and I guess they will be just around the corner – to see how much the ‘Brown bounce’ will help the Labour Party, but I can’t see it being around for all that long. My prediction is that we will not have another general election for another three years. I think Brown will not call for an election until he has to and will cling on to power for as long as he can. This desperation very rarely works with the electorate who can see though it.

We are now about to enter the silly season when we go on holiday and politics in general goes on to the back boiler until the party conference season in October. If anything major happens I will give you some analysis. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great summer.