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Greetings everyone… I’ve just completed my show notes for the show. Ouch! The word for the day: POLITRICKS. It could just as easily have been PASSION. Fresh from the Sunday talk show watch-fest – I will take apart the big lies. Iraq. The War on Terror. 2008 – polls & campaign cash. The Scooter Libby commutation versus pardon debacle. Gitmo. Republicans and Democrats gathering in tightly woven circles. One question I have… are they going to play rival games of Duck, Duck, Goose or is everyone packing political heat – with itchy trigger fingers???

There is the obligatory mention of Live Earth. Oy.

And then – I will address the growing interest in Jeri Kehn Thompson. She is a lovely spokesperson for Generation X. We’re sick and tired of angry, unhappy Baby Boomers – thankfully, Fred Thompson (who’s 64, Mrs. Thompson recently turned 40! – congrats, girl!) decided his last marriage needed to be happier than the first… rather than his sense of gentlemanly obligation, it was love – companionship – and intellectual banter that won the day…

Generation X women aren’t angry about housework, or husbands… we don’t see ourselves caught up in some Peter Lawford patio drama. We’re happy, confident people. You would think Baby Boomers would be thrilled to know – they raised us to be outspoken, self sufficient, and unafraid of the competition. And… I’ll discuss a brewing firestorm surrounding Sara Taylor. If you don’t know who she is — this little ditty from the Associated Press is sure to light a fire, one way – or another. Subpoena Dispute Builds Around White House Aide

In any case… the show will be unforgettable. Where Smart is bringing Sexy Back… The Media Lizzy Show – streaming LIVE at BlogTalkRadio – 12 Noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern on MONDAY – July 9th!!!!

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