The American Political System has become one that is consumed with self-centered politicians who have a thirst for power. Instead of working together for the greater good, our politicians have been consumed with how bad the can screw members of the opposite party. The American Political System is on the verge of bankruptcy and nobody has the guts to stand up and speak the truth.

Partisanship is at an all time high and the American People are paying the price. The founding fathers undoubtedly envisioned a congress of diversity, able to unite for the greater good when it came to deciding important issues of the day. I think today they would be appalled at 535 people playing Russian roulette with the future of America all because they are incapable of getting along.

We must as the citizens of this nation demand swift change of prophetic proportions. We no longer have the luxury of electing leaders because they raise the most campaign contributions. We must now begin to elect a future generation of leaders who are not bound by party loyalty, but by what’s right and just for all Americans.

The recent immigration legislation is a prime example of a group of individuals who thought they’d craft a piece of legislation without consulting the folks who elected them. They were quickly reminded what it’s all about. The partisanship has to be put aside now! The time has come for our leaders to become self-centered about the future of this country.

It’s sad that today being an American doesn’t bring out the same pride as it did with those who were part of the “Greatest Generation”. How could it? At one time people had to earn the right of passage to this country. If we don’t continue to make our voices heard and hold some of these knuckleheads in Washington accountable, it may be possible one day to break the law getting here, stay here and for a few bucks you can buy your citizenship here. I’m sorry my friends, but there’s no pride in that.

This blog ran as a guest column in a Central Texas newspaper on June 30, and was written by my friend Thomas Leath, a Robinson businessman and the only surviving son of the late Congressman Marvin Leath, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee under President Reagan.