In the beginning… there was the US AID guy, Randall Tobias . The story was ugly and untidy but, limited in scope. Today as the sun rises in the East, the servers hosting Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s website are dragging and crashing, as every consultant and astute staff, every candidate, every spouse along with thousands of intrepid reporters begin downloading data and sorting it for comparison against their own Rolodex.

Apparently, in a move to hang a lantern on his problem, is Louisiana’s US Senator David Vitter with a confession and apology. Thankfully, his wife is already aware. A smart move. Get it over with. The problems may begin with Vitter but they certainly do not end there. Vitter, a Republican, is just another politician embroiled in a sexual scandal.

Why, oh why does this keep happening? The Republican Party played ostrich during last year’s political scandal with former Rep. Mark Foley and his apparent love of underage kids. The Iraq War was, and remains, unpopular. But corruption and disgust played most heavily with voter affections.

This story is only beginning to percolate. The ones sweating it out tonight are not just the Members of Congress. Consultants, Staff, Reporters, Government officials — a few of each may well be on the list. If key firms are involved – look for shakeups. If national party staff are involved, look for the “hypocrisy” arguments. I’ll report more as breaking news warrants.

In the mean time, you may grab a plate – and get in line for the buffet on Congressional Contrition. I hear the dessert course is fantastic.
— Media Lizzy

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