Americans are so fortunate. We are free. Free to discuss and debate. Free to choose our own destiny. It was not always this way. Men and women chose freedom. They fought and died for freedom. Their battles won – they formed a new way. The rule of law took hold. And when it struggled to hold all men equally accountable, a civil war broke out. And freedom won. Because we are the lucky ones. Our men and women and children were free to learn. Explore. Challenge failing ideas of racism, sexism, and ignorance. No force could strip us of food and water. Or our dignity.

Today, in Darfur, our story of freedom is but a mirage on the horizon. Millions of people are displaced. Hundreds of thousands have been raped and murdered. Still thousands more die every day from preventable diseases and starvation. We are Americans. We have done more than any other country to address the ongoing Genocide in Darfur.

It is not enough. We must stop allowing domestic political games to get between us, and our destiny. We are Americans. Stop waiting for President Bush to tell you what to do. Don’t wait for Nancy Pelosi to decide the lives of children in Africa are equal to the lives of children in this country. This is not about party identification. It is about Islamic Extremists being given free reign to commit Genocide in Darfur. It is the Sudanese President Bashir and the Janjaweed that are the enemies.

It’s about right and wrong. And being a good American. We have a lot of fight left in us. It’s time to help.

ONE person can make a difference.

— Media Lizzy