So yesterday as I was attempting to recover from my trip to Washington, DC now, my Blackberry started blowing up over the now public “resignations” from the John McCain presidential campaign. Wow! Talk about crazy. I’m not going to rehash all of the names of the departed, except for one because it is finance related. Mary Kate Johnson, the national finance director, has also resigned. Johnson had only been on the campaign for a few months, coming from the RNC after McCain’s “shake-up” after his depressing Q1 results. Honestly, Q2 wasn’t so bad, but they spent almost as much as they brought in. That was the major problem.

Ok…so let’s all take one collective sign of relief. Yes…McCain is down…very down. But he’s not out. I have very mixed feelings on John McCain as some of you may know. I like that he’s willing to think out of the box and buck the Party when it’s wrong. But I don’t like when he does it to be a media whore…or to just poke Party eyes just for fun. Not to mention his consistent flip-flopping on social issues and then there is McCain-Feingold finance reform (made my life a living nightmare).

But don’t start writing his obituary just yet. He’s got a LOT going for him, namely:
1.) Total name ID
2.) A nationwide grassroots network
3.) A fantastic fundraising network
4.) The first primary isn’t actually for many more months.

It would be naïve to think that this recent slate of departures is McCain’s last nail in his presidential campaign’s coffin. What it does, however, is make McCain realize that he is not the front-runner and certainly not the heir-apparent to the nomination. This isn’t the general…he needs to be running in a primary. That means lean and mean.

He can’t keep paying a dozen consultants’ salaries to the tune $25,000 a month…each! He needs to stop trying to be all things to all people. He has, and always had, a certain niche in this campaign…time for him to return to it.