Here is my latest fare at BlogCritics. It’s controversial. Bring the heat.

Sex and Political Isolation

Republican Senator from Louisiana, David Vitter, is one in a long line of politicians exposed for extramarital misconduct. Before the ink was dry on his political obituary, another was being written. Florida legislator Bob Allen (R) allegedly offered to perform oral sex on an undercover cop for the paltry sum of $20. The last public restroom flap was former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, who revealed he frequented rest stops on the New Jersey Turnpike for sex with strangers. That was followed by news of an affair with a longtime male staffer and the declaration McGreevey was a “Gay American.” Presidents Kennedy and Clinton were notorious for their sexual naughtiness. Speaker Gingrich resigned. His replacement, Bob Livingston, never made it to the big chair. Gary Hart lost his bid for the presidency after a little monkey business. Former Senator Bob Packwood had a reputation for chasing the ladies around his desk. Mayors Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa issued apologies for their infidelities. They are not unique among their colleagues in the political class.

The most remarkable fact: their wives coolly suggest the men alone are to blame. The countless divorces, the budding careers ending in a plane ticket home, and dumpster diving are now disturbingly commonplace.

Sexual misconduct, infidelity, and deviancy inside the Beltway is almost pedestrian. Democrat offenders are commended, even congratulated for being virile enough to have a sexual exploit. Their pro-abortion, cradle to grave socialist approach leaves great latitude. They are rewarded for cold, emotionless, convenient sex. Republicans are drawn and quartered for their hypocrisy. Their advocacy for abstinence draws the bullseye. Their adamant opposition to gay marriage, while being busted for soliciting gay sex turns on the klieg lights. Porn purveyor Larry Flynt finds pleasure in destroying these men, their marriages, and families.

Our society has evolved past the hushed tones where offers of sex and compromised careers were quietly negotiated away. Now, there are staffers, wives, and consultants attempting to decipher the telephone records of the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. No doubt opposition researchers are masturbating over the gold they will find. I keep thinking there must be more to the story. There must be something driving these men out of the arms of their wives and mistresses. And into the arms of call girls and hookers. Into the parking lots of highway rest stops. The isolation of being a politician, a very high profile consultant, or a religious figure like Ted Haggard seems to breed not just hypocrisy but a need for sexual experiences that equal the “high” of their professional success. It is unsurprising that men so driven and ambitious have a hunger for intense, sexual satisfaction. Prostitution is a business of supply and demand. Call me impolitic, but wives forsaking their marital duties should expect their husbands to seek new lovers. Punishing a man by withholding sexual congress has never won any hearts, minds, or votes. The wives should remember they were once passionate creatures with sexual needs and desires of their own. Those longings for release do not disappear; they are merely masked by pride.

Setting aside an hour or two, a few times a week, would prevent many of these bimbo eruptions. For any red-blooded man, or woman, to go without an orgasm day after day, is a recipe for disaster. Love between husband and wife does not evaporate in an instant, it melts away a little at a time. Scheduling is the bread and butter of public service. As a wife relinquishes her claim on her husband’s body, their sacred connection slips away. Intimacy, and the very body, should be considered territory worth protecting. Campaigns bring distance and demands for fundraising calls. And practicing speeches. Photo opportunities.

Instead of nodding politely, each wife should whisper secrets breathlessly into her husband’s ear, just as he takes the stage. Maintain the connection. Cede no ground to hungry political aides and advisers. Staff always needs just a few more minutes from the candidate. A few minutes turns into hours and passion is left amid the confetti, or in the arms of an eager young woman. Wives have as much responsibility to their political marriage as their husbands. The isolation of political figures begins with gatekeepers, and as gatekeepers take more and more territory, loneliness and paranoia set in.

Our counterparts in the European Union are certainly more liberal when it comes to sex, marriage, and sexuality. The European Union Commission released a 45-second advertisement, provocatively titled “Let’s Come Together” on EUTube. The ad features moments, spliced together from many European films, of sexual climax – where two consenting adults are at their most intimate, most vulnerable. Yes, it is officially sanctioned by the EU27 to promote European filmmaking. I believe they could have left off any mention of cinema and utilized the advertisement for promotion of the troubled EU Constitution. Let’s come together should be a refrain ringing out in every marital bed. I found the openness refreshing, especially as it emanated from an official governmental body.

With David Vitter in the moral cross hairs, I wonder if his wife had spent more time focused on mutual satisfaction than threatening the essence of his masculinity, where they would be. Vitter, like many of us, enjoyed the thrill of not being caught. Sex became his vice. Now that he is caught, there is no time for headaches. Political careers should not be thrust into the trash heap over sex. Whether it is sex or making love or something rough and indescribable, the act itself is natural. It is the most natural, most honest communication between two people.

Reckless sexual behaviors, however common, are not acts against the state. With round the clock news, the Blogosphere, and YouTube, it is time to re-evaluate our environment. We all live in glass houses now.

— Media Lizzy