Hello all…Happy Monday.

An article many of you may have seen this morning was from the New York Times regarding Young Adults (me) and their readership (or lack thereof) of traditional print media (newspapers). You can read the article here.

This isn’t a big scare by any means. We’ve all been up to date with the stories about declining newspaper readership across the board.

But this article brings up a very good point – my generation likes to customize. We customize our shows on TiVo…we customize our music on our iPods and satellite radio, and we like to customize our news. Being a news junkie myself, I do the same thing. You probably do to. We go to our “trade websites” first thing in the morning. For me, it’s Drudge Report and Rough and Tumble, then while I’m out I’ll read Hotline Mobile edition on my Blackberry. If you’re a liberal, you watch CNN. If you’re a conservative, you watch Fox. If you can’t handle the over-dramatization of those two and have a latent crush on Tucker Carlson, you (err…I) watch MSNBC. And then there is the whole blog phenomenon, which I still haven’t really gotten into.

Are there drawbacks? Obviously. There are stories that I know I’d love to know more about but just don’t have time to read them, and certainly aren’t being exposed to them in my own “channel” of media.

And that’s dangerous.

The world of news is changing and it’s time for the industry to pick up the pace on finding ways to meet the needs of their readership. I love to pick up a newspaper on a Sunday and spend the day reading it…but that mentality isn’t going to save the publishing industry. The industry will adapt or will die – it’s as simple as that.