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From Pete Hegseth, Vets for Freedom:

Tomorrow, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans from around the country will
converge on Capitol Hill to meet with their senators–face-to-face–and tell
them not to undermine General Petraeus and the new strategy.

The response from vets has been very strong and is gaining momentum every
hour. Already, at least 25 veterans from around the country–on very short
notice and on their own dime–have committed to traveling to Washington, DC from
as far as Texas, Missouri, Michigan, and Florida.

Our vets have small group meetings scheduled with a number of
prominent–yet wobbly–senators, and will also have a group meeting with Senate
leaders to discuss Iraq war policy. In addition, be on the lookout for our
afternoon press conference, which will take place just off the Senate floor.

It’s not too late for you to join us! If you’d like to
come, just go to and sign up. Or RSVP with
Adriel Domenech, our Field Director, at 501-412-1224. I hope vets in local
states–Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York–will
consider taking the day-off and making the trip. It’s not much to ask…and
will be worth your time.

And again, if you’re not sure if you should get involved, check out what radical anti-war groups are planning. They go so far as to
“express solidarity with the resistance movements in [Iraq and Afghanistan].”
People like this are on Capitol Hill every day and we can’t let their loud
voices be the only ones Congress hears. There is too much at stake.

2 Urgent Action Items:
1) Sunday’s New York Times included an egregious front-page
about how, supposedly, military families are turning against
the war in droves. The piece is full of anecdotes, and short on fact. Please write a brief letter to the editor today, taking issue
with the story.
Click here to read the article: As Loved Ones Fight On, War Doubts Arise

Send your letters to: Keep them short (less than 150
words) and make clear which story you are responding to (also include your
address and phone number). The most powerful story you can tell is your own, but
also feel free to cite some of the facts below:

The story mentions a group called ‘Iraq Veterans Against the War’, which was started in 2004 and boasts 500 members. But it failed to mention Vets for Freedom, which was started in 2006 (two years later) and already has over 5,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans members who believe in the mission. (

The story mentions a group called ‘Military Families Speak Out’, which was started in 2002 and boasts 3,500 member families. But it failed to mention Families United for our Troops and Their Mission, which was started in August, 2005 and already has 37,000 members who believe in the mission. (

The story mentions a group called ‘Appeal for Redress’ which was started in September, 2006 and boasts 2,000 members. But it failed to mention the Appeal for Courage, which was also started in 2006 and already has over 3,300 members who believe in the mission. (

Side note: Vets for Freedom is coordinating with both Families United and Appeal for Courage to ensure maximum effectiveness.

2) Don’t forget to call the 2 Senators from your home-state on Tuesday, to reinforce the efforts of our “Vets on the Hill.” Click here to see the Senate directory.

Together, our voices will be heard on Capitol Hill and throughout America–because the vast majority of troops and their families support the mission, and believe General Petraeus should be given the time and resources he needs to succeed.

Thank you for all your efforts and support.
God bless,
Pete Hegseth
Iraq War Veteran 2005-2006
Executive Director, Vets for Freedom