Trust is crucial. Setting the terms for a relationship of any nature requires some level of understanding, even when there is an absence of commitment. Desire is not so easily satiated as it once was.

The urgency, the need for connection presents itself when an affair – of the heart or of sexual expedience – is in its infancy. Every moment, pregnant with anticipation, grows ever more distant in American pop culture. Satisfying the hunger for human connection, acknowledgment in an honest way has become a footnote. Americans have drifted away from mystery and romance, settling for synthetic fame and shrink-wrapped, brown-paper-bag sex.

Gone is the embrace of moments when men and women are at their most authentic. The spark of ignition between two lovers is now hidden behind clinical language. And fights over abstinence or sex education. Baby boomers, I suspect, are filled with shame -their sexual revolution has been revealed for it’s truth: anxious, eager and simple sex undertaken to spit in the face of their heroic predecessors and parents, the Greatest Generation. They view every generation before and after as competition.

Bloodthirsty for relevance, they fought Viet Nam with a “we can win wars too” attitude, only to learn – War is not some romantic place over the horizon where men fight, a few die, most return home and move along. Life leaves scars. War leaves them open for inspection.

Since their summer of love, a growing hatred of the alpha-male edged out virtually all other goals. Feminists like Patsy Ireland and Hillary Clinton chose convenient, ambitious men as husbands. Never mind the hypocrisy of seeking mainstream approval while pursuing an agenda where men and the institution of marriage are seriously degraded. Their agenda is not about expending the definition of marriage – as they would lead some to believe – instead, and more succinctly, it is about cuckolding and humiliating men.

Hillary Clinton’s embrace of her husband’s infidelity may be the most politically deviant act in recent memory. Teresa Heinz Kerry looked adoringly at John Kerry during the 2004 presidential contest but her words were more powerful than the images. She professed that her deceased first husband was the love of her life, her soul mate. Cuckolded, again.

No mortal man may compete with the ghost of a lover. And America spared John Kerry history’s judgement for trying. Kerry, and national Democrats, never noticed that Americans still hunger for a glimpse of tenderness in our Shining City on a Hill.

Generation X and Generation Y are fighting yet another global conflict, where blood is spilled and heroes do not return. They march forward with two lessons in their rear view mirror.
1) The greatest Generation returned home with iconic photographs of reuniting couples kissing as the ticker tape flew.
2)Baby Boomers are still struggling with the rage of Viet Nam – and their lust for being “better” than those who came before.

Today’s warriors are saddled with the burden of remaking America – in her own eyes – as the world watches. Our sexual identity as a people has been lost. The British are stiff but open. The Italians are known for their passion. Our political ally and rival, France, is possessed of sexual decadence, romance, tales of ardent lovers, and an abundant menu of sexual options.

The American psyche is saturated with manufactured reality, fame, and political debates. Domestic political issues run the table – all choices are run through a focus group. From “Obama Girl” to Paris Hilton to Perez Hilton, sexuality has become about the act itself – instead of how we arrive as a participant.

There’s no edge, no spinning wheel on which we prick our delicate fingers to become spellbound… we are surrounded by judgement. A spontaneous kiss or virtual love affair is condemned. Gay marriage is condemned. AIDS is a platform for fundraising. Anti-abortion education is annual march on Washington, and a platform for raising cash. Pro-abortion advocates add names to Emily’s List – to raise money. A Senator’s wife creates so unhealthy a distance that her husband takes a prostitute as lover A Congressman runs from the Capitol in shame, because of his homosexuality. A generation of our children believes oral sex and anal sex – are not “sex.” A former Majority Leader claims if only we hadn’t aborted 30 million babies – we wouldn’t need immigrants from Mexico.

The war on terror isn’t about Islam, because then we would have to talk about pedophilia and genital mutilation.

Talk about anything other than what is real. What is authentic to the American, or human experience.

Sex is perhaps the most natural form of communication between two people. Restoring feminine mystery to the equation, and restoring the respect for a real alpha-masculinity would begin to bridge the distance. Not everything needs to be decided today. The quiet moments of discovery can escape mention on the Senate floor. A stolen kiss or passionate embrace is not a matter for inclusion on a legislative agenda. Attraction is not a crime against humanity.

The act of surrender, of complete trust in another human being is a conscious choice – a beautiful accident of our higher reasoning. Entering into the space of a lover is like a step, then a plunge into total darkness, brings us one step closer to creating the sacred space between self and lover, where every kiss and touch lingers… the noise of war and terror and elections and deadlines and education and obligation just fall away… Americans must be reminded of the tenuous relationship with our maker – as our returning soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are with every letter from home, every remembered caress…

This leap of faith is rewarding and private… it is where we find our freedom.

— Media Lizzy