While topics on The Media Lizzy Show are devoted to 2008 and how sexuality drives/affects the legislative agenda… my sense is authenticity will be the single quality to which voters resonate the most. Politicos are notoriously paranoid – usually with good reason.

When a politician’s private life intersects with his public life, humility and discipline generally dissolve into paranoia. Many politicians are afflicted with an inflated sense of security – scarcely realizing isolation is not the same thing as safety. As Barbarians (be it the press corps or a process server) begin to arrive at the gate with cameras and pitchforks in hand – the white flag usually rises and a brief statement is issued. Occasionally, hubris inspires mania. Like Gary Hart challenging the press – only to be photographed with a mistress on the deck of a boat aptly named the “Monkey Business.”

The stillness behind the security barriers, and beyond where peace officers whisper into microphones wired to their sleeve, and after the cleaning crew has taken down the stage…. the lives of many politicos are populated with agendas and scheduling decisions – it takes a very good person to keep balance and perspective.

Which of the 2008 candidates will step up to the plate – authentic enough to convince voters – that the agent of change they seek has arrived? Anyone can look good on paper. That does not make them good.

— Media Lizzy

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