Because it wasn’t horrific enough to view the “Generation Chickenhawk” video – complete with Tom Delay’s assertion that we wouldn’t need immigrants if only there had not been 30 million abortions…

Because, as a Republican, it isn’t embarrassing enough to have a whole generation of synthetic hawks who have no clue about honor, duty, country.

I keep going back to Max Blumenthal’s site for more. I am a Republican. I’m a big believer in Federalist principles and state’s rights. I support nuclear power and think we should ask Sarkozy for some help. (Oh wait, Contellation Energy already did that. Never mind.) And I don’t believe that religious wackos should ever be listened to. Especially when they say crazy things like you’ll see in Blumenthal’s latest. Christians United for Israel (CUFI) hosts none other than my least favorite Republican, Tom DeLay – the self appointed expert on identifying corruption. Guess he operates on the “takes one to know one philosophy.”

Ugh. Bring on Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani. The others just aren’t helpful. At all.

— Media Lizzy