Hello all. Greetings from lovely Provincetown, Massachusetts (out on Cape Cod…where the pilgrims first landed…now a vacation town/homo getaway place). I’m on vacation for a few days but am still quite accessible electronically.

And now that I actually have time to sit and write, write I shall do!

So as I was munching on breakfast this morning at the pretty B&B where I’m staying, I was perusing the NY Times and saw a quickie that Marion Blakey, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration, is leaving to become the new leader of some trade group. The term of administrator is a 5 year appointment, and since the term of the successor would cover most of the next presidential administration, supposedly the White House has not announced an intention to fill the position.

Are you FREAKING kidding me? America’s aviation infrastructure is a nightmare. Today, we are flying planes around the country like was done in the 1950’s…and most of that old and obsolete equipment is still there too. We’re losing experienced air traffic controllers left and right. We’re in the middle of negotiating new flying rights with countries all over the world who have a much less developed infrastructure than we do, AND we’re trying to institute a new way of routing flights across the country (aka: Free Flight).

And I didn’t even TOUCH upon TSA and the nightmare that is going to an airport these days.

And the Bush administration thinks we can just hold that job open for another year and let someone else deal with the problem. That’s just some brilliant logic there. I really hope that this is the NY Times being sloppy and mis-representing the White House, because if they’re right, then we can count on more situations where the White House is going to be on “auto-pilot” ’till the end of the term.