Apologies for my long absence here… lots of travel and discoveries. Lately, my research has delved deeper into what I now call “The Switch.” Everyone has a switch. I am finding we all have a fuse box and spend a great deal of every day maintaining an uninterrupted hummmmmm. Occasionally, something happens – and we find The Switch – and rather than reset the fuses… we march into a new era of discovery.

Perhaps it is best to explain.

The Political Switch: A politico decides that one issue no longer is the whole ballgame. I know of a pefectly sane, social Conservative who hit a succession of switches. She went from being a right winger… to conspiracy theorist in nothing flat. She wanted validation for her ignorance – and found parasitic allies to bolster her. A woman who once upon a time held such promise traded her firends and life with a man she loved all in the pursuit of being “right” rather than embracing REALITY. She left a wake. And she is alone.

1) Bush is the enemy, not corrupt Members of Congress.
2) Nevermind the corrupt leadership, support anti-immigration policies.
3) Bush is the enemy, forget the war in Iraq.
4) Trade abortion for immigration as single issue, never mind the facts on either.
5) Bush is the enemy, forget the War on Terror.
6) Bush is the enemy, 9/11 must have been an inside job.
7) Forget personal happiness, am surrounded by like-minded people. Who needs a life?
8) Support Ron Paul.

The Personal Switch… will be addressed in a separate column. Uncluttered by politics. It is entirely delicious. As for the reactionary social conservative female – I suggest she adopt the following approach until she is worthy of a real relationship.

Politics and Love and Sex are not mutually inclusive. Some women approch sex in a very practical way. Without attachments and jealousies. This brief moment from HBO’s Rome perfectly illuminates such a woman.

Enjoy… Media Lizzy