First of all… a big Hat Tip to Soren Dayton for his excellent Eye on 2008. Great stuff.

In 1994, Mitt Romney was fighting for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat – desperately trying to be the biggest pro-Abortion advocate in front of the NARAL crowd.

And more recently, he has been making the rounds among Republican primary voters – namely the Evangelical crowd. HE wants them to believe his conversion to their staunch pro-life beliefs has been an authentic one.

And today, after hoisting himself onto The Political Rotisserie and marinating in a few pounds of a special sauce…. he declared a NEW position somewhere between the two positions. Oddly enough, it seems like the guy is now trying to echo Fred Thompson.

Here is the thing: either he wants the base, or he wants everyone else. It IS that simple. He will never be seen as a Federalist, or a purist when it comes to being a strict Constitutionalist. Those are beliefs that basically become a part of our DNA.

The Stepford Solution ain’t authentic. It’s entertainment.

—- Media Lizzy

Romney on The Political Rotisserie:
August 2007

A nice link to Romney’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos is HERE.

The Last Special Sauce in 2002: